MIG Welding & Fabrication Service

Having trouble finding a company who can handle MIG Welding and Fabrication jobs the bigger companies arent interested in?

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MIG Welding and Fabrication of a wide range of products in steel. Plain and Galvanised materials.

Our MIG Welding & Fabrication Services include:

Beez Kneez can manufacture and mig weld the following in steel:

  • Posts

  • Rails

  • Trollies

  • Cages

  • Frames

  • Repairs to trailers and horsefloats

9kg gas bottle cages:

  • Beez Kneez manufactures lockable storage cages for 9kg swappa bottle and 15kg Forklift gas bottles.

  • Large Stillages for the storage and transport of gas bottles up to G size.

45Kg Gas Bottle Trollies:

  • The current trollies made in the local market are not strong enough for the conditions they are exposed to. We manufactured a trolley that is far stronger than its competitor.

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